Quality Inn - Holbrook, AZ

  • Property Name Quality Inn
  • Asking Price $2,600,000
  • Units 59
  • Location Holbrook, AZ

About This Property

The Quality Inn is a 59 room hotel in Holbrook, Arizona. The hotel has convenient access to Interstate 40 which is a major east-west route running across the southern United States. The business benefits from a steady stream of interstate travelers. In addition to the busy summer travel months, the hotel benefits from active travel seasons during the Spring and Fall when Interstate 40 is heavily traveled by "snowbirds." These are northerners who 'migrate' to a warmer southern state like Arizona for the winter months, and then return back north in the Spring.

The business proved to be a reliable investment during COVID with limited impact on business and continued profitable operations.

Please contact us if you have further interest in this opportunity. All visits are by appointment only. Please do not contact the hotel or speak with the staff.

Oliver Cooper - AZ License #SA689335000
Amber Hotel Corportation - AZ License #CO630803000

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