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Ramada Inn & Suites

The 144 room Ramada in Owensboro Kentucky is a phenomenal opportunity in the 4th largest city in the state. The Ramada went through a substantial renovation. Owensboro boasts strength in education, medical, residential lending, financial services, distribution and many more industries. The thorough renovation that took place last year makes this a great buy for those not looking to deal with a tiresome PIP. The market continued ticking along with consistent growth, which will be easily recaptured with the new and improved condition of the property.

In cooperation with Huff, Niehaus and Associates.

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Ramada Inn & Suites

3136 W 2nd St
Owensboro, KY 42301

  • 144 Units
  • Owner Completed Franchise Renovation PIP
  • Excellent Location off Route 60 near Hoosier National Forest
  • Includes Leased out Lounge Space Generating $48k annually
  • Well priced at ~$22,000 per Unit

    • Asking Price:  

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